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There is a way to see on the list of questions the avatar of who has asked the question and after the avatar of who has answered?

Actually if i set to see avatar i only see tha last user that answer on question and not who has asked it.

Thank you
I've seen thta if i go on my site at url http://subdoman.namesite.ext/ i see only the avatar of answerer ( that i've configured on admin panel ) and if i go on http://subdoman.namesite.ext/index.php/questions clicking on a label on the top menu i see only the answerer and no more tha asker.
But i'd need to see both if there is a way to do this.
Thank you at all

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This is not easy to do within the core Q2A code, so I'd recommend a plugin which retrieves the necessary information from the database.
I've got that version and it still shows the Gravatar logo, any idea why?