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Last major update of Q2A (1.7) shown a link of all messages in user's profile. Now can some more improvements be done in this regard? Now these are the improvements which can be considered.

  1. Ajax message submission instead or complete page reload
  2. After message submission the editor should not disappear. The editor should be there in case we want to message some more details as well.
  3. Ability to message any user from our own profile but just putting the username of the user instead of finding the user and then messaging him by visiting his profile
  4. Ability to send multiuser message, single message to multiple users at the same time (this is an extension of number 3)
  5. Instead of inbox and sent messages page, a common page for all chat threads should be there and on clicking on one of those threads complete chat can be opened

I hope anyone using Q2A for a community would have needed these improvements for his/her users (just for private messaging).

There are other extension ideas also but those have no significance to a QA software these are the initial once which are most necessary.

If you have some other ideas then share those as well.

very interesting, Gurjyot Singh. I think it would be important option to block private messages from a single user. Or, to report private message. I like your suggestions
Yes your message blocking idea is good, but in this we have to keep in mind that no user can block messages from moderators or admins...
Secondly, I do not agree on reporting private messages, reporting directly means someone can read user's message. So many users will think that admins can read their messages which can be offensive to them.

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