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I was testing private message feature on my website. But I couldn't figure out where to look if I get a private message. I have seen whole profile but there is nothing where I can see messages.
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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Lol... It's really a nice question.. Just laugn not because of your question (which is fair) but because it is strange that the system don't have menu link or dedicated section for private message.


What you can do is, if you remember who sent you PM than go to his account and click on Private Message link. There you will find all conversation with that user.

I know this is not the correct way but what it is for now and hope in future we will get some better navigation for PM. But I am not aware if someone made any plugin for that.
Thanks jatin for your nice words. I thinks private messaging is not given so much importance till now in q2a core. Let's see if someone makes any plugin for this and I am also going to put this as a feature request for q2a version 1.7
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If you have new private message, notification message comes to your given email address when you registered on the site.

Like this


You have been sent a private message by XXXXX on YYYYYY Answers:

Hi Admin


Click below to reply to XXXXX by private message:

Thank you,

YYYYYY Answers

In this message Click http://www.mysite.net/message/XXXXX
and you will see the message.


Log in to your acount and type this URL "http://www.mysite.net/message/XXXXX" and replace XXXXX with the user name that you want to see/check/send the private messages.

This way is Ok to just see a message. But if we want everyone user of our q2a website to use private messaging then this method is not suited the best. I hope you understand.
Yes, correct. Hope to see advanced messaging system with q2a 1.7 or new plugin for this.