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Igael & Leo & the 123.fr soft team are happy to offer to the QA communauty Dbsave for Question2Answer.
But it is just a beta intermediate version , useful but yet incomplete :)

You can browse the repository on https://www.123.fr/q123/

the 0.1 version in on https://www.123.fr/q123/zip/q123-dbsave.0-1.zip

- save the main database of QA on the disk in a writable directory
- download the same file at the same moment
- or download only

This plugin has been tested with php Mysql 5.5.19. We know that it needs at least php 5.2.3
Testers with other versions are welcome.
Please report the bugs on http://faq.123.fr/
Or go on http://www.question2answer.org/qa/ and search for Dbsave .

A translation of the default messages from approximative english to english is required. Thank you !
French translation is provided, other coming with the next versions.

------   All bugs will be corrected or workarounds will be found.   ---------

Installation Cook recipe
This plugin requires Php 5.2.3 minimum in this first version , perhaps a more recent one. It has been tested on 5.5.19

- Open the zip in a folder of your pc
- upload the UTF-8 plugin in qa-plugin in binary mode ( unless you have a very modern FTP client )
- create a writable directory , preferably near the index.php of yout QA site. Give him a rare name, in example : DontDont or 24rfUU. Record the rare name you choosed.
  ** To get the directory writable, you must chmod it to 777 with your FTP client.
- Go to admin, plugin , Dbsave , Options : here, substitute the word 'dirsave' by the new writable directory name you recorded above.
- Submit the form. It you don't get the success message, check the red notes under the incomplete fields.

At the bottom, above the buttons, the form returns 2 links , a long and a short.
- at last, you have to setup the previously provided link to the database page command.
1st option : install the link in your favorites of your navigator. Use the long link provided by the success message
2nd option : install the link  as a menu entry : go to the admin menu Pages to add a page , name it Dbsave , use the short link provided before ,
select the bottom menu and restrict it to admin only

All the recipe instructions are mandatory

Voila, c'est fait. It's ok !

Addon Validation
Validation protocol
aaa is the QA database to save
bbb is another database , starting empty
aaa.1.sql.gz is produced by the plugin
then aaa.1.sql.gz is injected in bbb
After, with mysqldump, aaa gives aaa.sql and bbb , bbb.sql
Last, a diff is done between them and it shows 2 differences :
* the name of the database
* a date in one record , probably because QA writes something in the database after the archive process.
INSERT INTO qa_achievements VALUES( ... );
Conclusion : passed with English , Deutch and French

It needs to be tested with other utf-8 languages and other versions of mysql and php.

It needs to be tested on slow servers with short timeout , low memory and huge tables. I don't know if this threesome exists really.
With a modern box, it's not a problem. We archived artificial 2 Gb QA databases in less than the half of the standard 300'' Apache and Php timeouts.
Don't expect a solution for critical sites , with short timeouts, no writable directories and old CPUs.
In this case, move your site to a more modern service, probably with daily automated database archive ...

All code herein is licensed GPLv2 by the authors of this plugin , of QA and of the FAQ page plugin , NoahY.


Q2A version: 1.7
Good job +1! Considering the fact that it is GPL licensed, would it make sense to setup some kind of Git repo? Maybe on GitHub? That would allow for easier collaborative development
yes ! but we have a sharing system between us here and are working to get an image on github without interfering with our work. Version 0.3 with cronable access coming in a few days. Thank you for your help.
Nice plugin @Leo . +1

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twice sorry

first because I answer to myself ... I want to put a visible message

and there is a bug in the addon. I made all my tests with the directory dirsave , the default value. I forgot to convert one line.

Use the version following in date this message. I you are from the 10 which had downloaded it , please do it again.