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This is Dbsave plugin , a plugin for **Question2Answer** that provides DbSave , the versatile database dump for QA.
This tool uses additionally an invisible widget to try autocron.

- save the main database of QA on the disk in a writable directory
- download the same file at the same moment to avoid timeouts troubles
- download only in case of lack of writable directory
- optionnaly, adds a new prefix to tables, indexed like the archive are by the day index. ( complex idea, be carefull is you are a novice )
- constraints are well handled
- provides a link to be called by an external cron with a specific password
- optionnaly tries autocron between 2:00 and 5:59 h. It works !
- holds the memory limitation for big tables. You need at least 16 Mb by session.
- fixes the not reversible tokenization of fields of bit type.
- holds the timeout problems by miming downloads. Cron had been tested running 45 min.

Please test and report bugs. Or use it ! Be kind, it's my first Php application.


You can browse the repository on

the latest version in on



Since the 0.9 version, all the code is licensed Creative Common by the authors of the plugin. Pratically, this means that this plugin is freeware and that its license doesn't allow to sell this version or a modified one.

It's not an annoucement only , there is a question :

do you think that this plugin must handle the database restoration ?

( edited to show the question )
I wrote the function but I don't know what will happen if the tool is between novices hands

Q2A version: 1.7.1
4 nights for 40 sites ( most of them are just QA installations with a title and nothing ) configured to run dbsave. All the active sites have their 4 backups and almost all the others too. Feedback is welcome before the 1.0 version.

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