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Hello I am new on q2a. I am a student and I have a project for school. I want run q2a on webserver on virtualbox . I install ubuntu server on virtualbox as guest and install LAMP on it.i can ping from host to guest or guest to host. When I enter ip address guest machine in firefox broswer on hast machine everything is ok apache is ok.i make a database on mysql with blowe information:

database name “QandA”
user of database “ali”
password for QandA database “dddd”

I download q2a 1٫7 and go step by step on this guide:

	1. Create a MySQL database.
	2. Create a MySQL user with full permissions for that database.
	3. Rename this file to qa-config.php.
	4. Set the above four definitions and save.
	5. Place all the Question2Answer files on your server.
	6. Open the appropriate URL, and follow the instructions.

My content  qa-config.php file:


	For QA_MYSQL_HOSTNAME, try '' or 'localhost' if MySQL is on the same server.

	For persistent connections, set the QA_PERSISTENT_CONN_DB at the bottom of this file; do NOT
	prepend the hostname with 'p:'.

	define('QA_MYSQL_HOSTNAME', '');
	define('QA_MYSQL_USERNAME', 'ali')th;
	define('QA_MYSQL_PASSWORD', 'dddd');
	define('QA_MYSQL_DATABASE', 'QandA');

I transfer content question2answer-1.7 directory to this path on my webserver on guest machine 
now I enter ip address guest machine in firefox host machine exaclly like this
 but dosen't happening . Q2a doesnt work.q2a give me error on firefox

Not Found

The requested URL /question2answer was not found on this server.

Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80

Q2A version: 1.7
I think you have changed the IP (Hostname) in qa-config file... try to setup Q2A without changing the Hostname...
Maybe this should work for your case...
I change ip(hostname) to localhost or but problem still exist.did i correct copy q2a file path "/var/www/html"? when we turn linux as localhost for test apache on firefox enter ip adderss but no i want make webserver on virtualbox i must enter ip virtualbox machine "" right?
Do index.html on the document root will be displayed correctly? And also, did you make the settings of the hosts file of the host OS side? If it does not appear correctly, you should question to virtualbox forum (not q2a forum).

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