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I get a lot of file not found errors, having referrers such as:


I tried to locate the "dummy" part in the php core, and found it in qa-page-admin-default.php with:

                    foreach ($rawoptions as $rawoption)
                            '<IFRAME SRC="'.qa_path_html('url/test/'.QA_URL_TEST_STRING, array('dummy' => '', 'param' => QA_URL_TEST_STRING), null, $rawoption).'" WIDTH="20" HEIGHT="16" STYLE="vertical-align:middle; border:0" SCROLLING="no" FRAMEBORDER="0"></IFRAME>&nbsp;'.

Can somebody explain what that means?

Q2A version: 1.5

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This is happening as a result of the part of the admin interface which tests out different URL schemes to see which works on your setup, and shows OK for those that do work. You can ignore these errors.
Thanks for your fast reply. Can I just disable that without consequences? i.e. $neatoptions[$rawoption]= '';
Yes, won't cause you any problems - the OKs will just disappear.
Was causing problems in the admin >general section: URL structure disappeared, see post at: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/12921/administration-center-general-structure-showing-anymore
Yes, you should just remove the bit from <IFRAME> ...to... </IFRAME>
Thank you gidgreen! The "OKs" in front of the URLs Structure List disappeared though, but that's no problem.

Good to have one error less in the error log ;)