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I have seen some editors showing preview windows like markdown and sceditor. But the official editor of Q2A is missing such a feature. I also know that Q2A didn't developed ckeditor so I can't ask to develop such a feature. 

But while browsing I came to know about preview plugin of ckeditor, so my question is, can we add this plugin in ckeditor so that we can use preview window as well.

If there is such a way then how can it be achieved.

Q2A version: 1.7

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My recognition:

CKEditor and SCEditor are WYSIWYG editor. But, markdown editor is not WYSIWYG editor. Outputs of markdown editor is markdown (not HTML) code. This is not intuitive. To solve this problem, there is preview area in markdown editor. CKEditor has preview plugin. However, edited contents are displayed (previewed) in another page. Since same CSS is not applyed, this is not good. In the WYSIWYG editor, edit area itself should be a preview area.
Yes you are right sama. CKEditor being  WYSIWYG editor, there is really no such need for a preview window. I hadn't thought of it on the first place.
Thanks again. :)
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It's a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get), so there shouldn't be any need for a preview. What you're typing in the box is the preview.

However, it's true that for Q2A it's not exactly identical, the font is smaller in this box than it appears on page. Some other bits may be slightly different too, I'll check into it.

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You are right Scott, there is really no need for a preview window. But if you are going to make some changes then please don't change the fonts of SnowFlat theme as it looks very soothing and those are very easy to read.
Rest if you want to make some changes in ckeditor then it on you. :)
actually there is a need of preview if we use mathJax, syntaxhighlight etc.