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I have checked on ckeditor website with version 4.11.1, that copy/paste works on mobile. But when I check the same on Q2A then, it just doesn't work. Now, Q2A 1.8.1 also uses CKEditor 4.11.1 then it should also allow copy past but, it doesn't. What's the issue?

Q2A version: 1.8.1

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This could happen because of the CKEditor plugin distributed with Q2A missing the clipboard CKEditor plugin.

You can follow the steps in the CUSTOMIZE.md file in order to add that plugin:

This Q2A plugin uses a custom build of CKEditor to keep it simple. However, if you would like to add new features it is straightforward to do so. All languages supported by Q2A are included, but if you are using a different language you can add add it using the tool, or remove all the languages you don't need to create an even smaller plugin.

1. Go to the CKEditor Builder: http://ckeditor.com/builder
2. Click the "Upload build-config.js" button in the top right, and select the `build-config.js` file from the `ckeditor` directory to start with the current config.
3. Use the various controls to modify your build. You can add plugins, choose a different skin and choose the language(s) you require.
4. Make sure "Optimized" is selected and download the custom package.
5. Delete the `ckeditor` folder inside `wysiwyg-editor`, then extract the downloaded package here, replacing the `ckeditor` folder.  

Additional notes on how to install a CKEditor plugin can be found here.

For copy/paste you do not need to add a button. But for "cut/copy" the buttons sometimes show and sometimes they don't. So you'll have to try these once and see for yourself if they are any good.
Sorry, I'm still not understanding. Exactly what works and what doesn't work?
@Scott I don't remember having configured any buttons. I think the copy/paste shortcuts did the trick. Maybe @Gurjyot can confirm
Ok, so let me explain. Now you do not need the buttons to show on the toolbar itself. Now you just press on the typing area and three buttons popup cut/copy/paste. Now paste pops-up most of the time and cut/copy shows sometimes. But I guess that issue is because of the editor itself and not because of Q2A.
So to answer simply, yes copy/paste works now for me. And you don't need any buttons on the editor.