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Are you planning:

- follow tags, categories, people?

- uploading photos?

- writing anonymus questions but with registration

- badges

- posting questions to facebook after posting it in the system?

- see facebook friends that are using the site and follweing them?

- Internal messaging system between registered users?

- a list of popular users?

- showing related questions after first step of posting a question? (so users will not repost questions that are in the system_)

- support in sub categories



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I plan to start working on the version 1.4 in March. A couple of weeks before I will post a question here asking people which new features are most important to them. I'll choose the features based on the answers, and my assessment of the efforts required. It may or may not include some of the items you suggest!

BTW, there's already an option to show matching questions when people ask. See "Check for similar questions when asking" in the "Posting" section of the "Admin" panel.
I would suggest

Mobile viewing theme
Ease to incorporate Adsense etc
Popular questions in sidebar
Latest questions in footer/sidebar
3 column footer
More focus on SEO
Popular Questions in Sidebar
Latest Questions in Sidebar
Better Related Questions

my vote is for subcategories...
In editor, it would be useful if someone can a link to another internal page easily, like: [page:what-will-be-the-next-version-include-and-when] click here for detailed info[/page] and/or [tag:features]new features[/tag] (linking to http://www.someurl.com/tag/features).

+1 to facebook related features.

"Best users of this month" feature would be useful as well.

me too,
- mobile theme.
- More focus on SEO.
even though my site is branch new but I wanna deploy a mobile version.

BTW, see my site at: www.tenkana.vn