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I am modifying the Snow Theme and I want to change the order of "qa-sidepanel" and "qa-main". For example if you look at the HTML code, qa-sidepanel is before qa-main class. is it possible to modify the qa-theme.php of snow so the qa-sidepanel class is after the main ?

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have a look at this function body_content() in qa-theme-base.php . You can change the side_panel() and main() function calls in the below way  . 

public function body_content()

   $this->output('<div class="qa-body-wrapper">', '');

   $this->widgets('full', 'top');
   $this->widgets('full', 'high');
   $this->widgets('full', 'low');
   $this->widgets('full', 'bottom');

   $this->output('</div> <!-- END body-wrapper -->');