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Hi guys,


We made a website using Question2Answer 1.7 platform and it looks great. We used the snow flat theme, however, we've noticed two problems opening the site with Internet Explorer 8:

1. the square box with info about the site is displayed not on the right side of the screen but as a free text at the end of the page


2. The toolbars all activity, questions and hot are vertically displayed instead of horizontally.


 By the way the very same issue is with this question two answer site which appears to use the same theme (snow flat).


I want to ask if there is any workaround because we really like this theme, however a lot of people still using IE 8? Maybe a code that changes site theme for users with older versions of IE?


Thanks in advance!
Q2A version: 1.7
Can you post a screenshot please?

Unfortunately I don't have access to IE8 so I can't test this. If you're able to figure out what CSS needs to change, please let me know.
Yes, here is how it looks like. I am new to css, so I do not know how to accomplish this.. http://imgur.com/XhUSXOw.png
This is because media query doesn't support by IE8 (crap browser). The best way to rid of it is, update to the latest version of IE.

Need to write more CSS rule to support an old and outdated browser.

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