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My site has 85 users, 112 questions, 141 answers, and 557 comments. Yesterday I moved All uploaded files from the database to disc. Despite all these low numbers, the Admin/Stats section shows that the database size is now 10.7 MB which seems to be a bit huge. 

Is this databse size normal? 

Q2A version: 1.6.3

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I have studied the movement of Q2A database in this matter. When you move blob data to disk, blob contents in database will be empty. But, depending on the server type and configuration, MySQL may not release the space that was reserved. And, your database might be a bit huge in other causes (e.g. index for search, etc). Try operation below after backup your DB.

  1. Optimize all tables with phpMyAdmin
  2. "Admin" > "Stats" > "Reindex content"

I have not seen your database, my advice may not be effective.

@sama55: Could you please give more details on how to "Optimize all tables with phpMyAdmin"?