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There seems to be an ultimate max size of 16MB (See this, http://nimb.ws/4ah6dn). I've increased my PHP max_upload_filesize limit to 20MB. How could I do the same at the editor?
Q2A version: 1.8.2

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The limit actually comes from the database field that stores the blobs. So the editors can't do much in that case. You have two options to workaround this:

  1. Modify the database field manually
  2. Store files in the filesystem rather than in the DB. This is explained in the qa-config.php file
Important note: up to v1.8.2, after taking a quick look at the code, I can see that this limit is imposed by the qa_get_max_upload_size() function. This is fine when storing files in the database but the limit makes no sense if storing files in the filesystem. Anyway, you can write a simple plugin to override that behaviour so that approach number 2 actually works
Can the files be saved on the server, eg in a /upload folder instead of the database?
Check qa-config.php file