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Per http://www.question2answer.org/qa/21903/new-plugin-google-custom-search?show=40515#a40515

what is CSE page name?

Is it the name of search engine created in https://www.google.com/cse ?

In google cse

cse config

in q2a



But when i do a search it throws below error(per Chrome inspect element):


Refused to display 'http://www.google.com/cse?cx=USERID%ENGINEID&ie=UTF-8&c…ort%252Fforum%252F%26ref%3Dwww.digi.com%252Fsupport%252Fforum%252F%26ss%3D' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'SAMEORIGIN'.

Q2A version: 1.5.4

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"Page name" of longvic will be "Page path (URL)" for search result.

Please read readme-en.txt.

[Enable Google Custom Search]
  OFF: Disable Google-CSE plugin
  ON:  Enable Google-CSE plugin
  Replace: Only CSE
  Hybrid: Change Q2A and CSE
  Specify User-ID and Engine-ID connected by ":"
[Laguage code]
  Language code to which priority is given by search results.
[Page path for search result]
  The path to search result page is specified with the relative path from Q2A root.
[Page path for search result]
searchresult (Default: searchcse)
Thanks for you answer. My doubt is:
./search is default q2a search.
Do i need to create a new file called ./searchcse in Q2A root to make google cse search work?

In cse configuration in google, i gave path as search, but it looks like its still executing q2a search, not cse search
Alright, that was it.

i had to create a new html/php file for google search results..
No. Search results are displayed by plugin. Therefore, you do not need to create page that displays search results. If Q2A search results are always displayed, search box is not replaced by plugin. search () function of theme layer may conflict with other plugins or your remodeling.
I have enabled plugin in hybrid mode.
/forum/search?q=40002363&qa-googlecse-select=q2a  the resultant path for Q2A search.
If want to replace it with Google CSE search , shall i set
page path for search result as "search" ???
> /forum/search?q=40002363&qa-googlecse-select=q2a  the resultant path for Q2A search.
Yes. If you search in GCSE, URL is different.

Check also example view.
Thanks, looks like in plugin configuration i need to add partner-pub- along with userid:engineid.

But now it throws me error , can you take a look at www.digi.com/support/forum/ ?
Do i need to have a adsence account?
What if i dont want to show ads.
i have no idea :(
Is there anything that i need to be careful on google cse configuration side?