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If you would like to replace the custom Q2A search with Google Custom Search just use this plugin:


Google Custom Search Options are shown here:

I had already given the list of the ones I'm planning. My Q2A site is for education purpose and I would like Q2A being used more in educational places. I'm currently trying to find a good way for MathJax to be integrated in Q2A.  Once plugins are done I'll try improving the Android App for Q2A - its surprising that no good app exist so far..
Yes I saw your list and I think many more developers will be joining you to improve Q2A... :)
@arjusuresh, nice plugin! I was thinking to write this one but good you came up earlier :) I will work on some other plugin.
Does anyone know if the plugin can be configured to use a local indexer instead of Google's public one?  From what I understand, the current plugin requires access to the cloud where the actual search engine/indexer does the work, and the search results (or 'shards') are stored.  This is a problem for companies who want to run a q2a site locally that has company IP they don't want getting out and sitting on a public indexer.  Thx

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