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Max list limit: How to have more questions in each Tag page (from 50 => 100)

I set up "questions on each tag page" to "50" but its not enough. Why is there a limit for that, there is no point for this...

PS: please don't answer me google dislikes more thant 50 links by page, lets q2A users do their own choise ;-)

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You could change this line (line 240, file : qa-include/qa-page-admin-default.php)


'page_size_tag_qs' => QA_DB_RETRIEVE_QS_AS,


'page_size_tag_qs' => 100,

---> SAVE

and go to Admin --> Lists.

You should now be able to set the field "Questions on each tag page" to 100.

Thanks man, it works!
This no longer works. It allows me to set to 50 but I goto the page and it still only displays 50 max
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I have the same problem, so I tried to edit the database but its not working.