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Today I fetched sitemap.html and sitemap.xml to my one of website in google webmaster tool but Google is giving error of NOT found with red symble, Please let me know that what is the reason ? it is first time being.

I am very worried because of this because of this my website's ranking suddenly got down on tough keywords.

I tried many time to post it again and again but i was not successfull.

Please help me in this.

if you wants to ask any question to me so please ask me.

Are you using a custom .htaccess ? If you type the sitemap Url in your browser can you read it ? What about your robots.txt ?
As maxjtechno said, make sure you can load your sitemap yourself first. What is your site URL?

Also, your ranking won't change because of a missing sitemap. It's only to help Google find more pages.

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