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I am able to open my website and inner pages in any browser but when I tried to submit sitemap.xml in Google webmaster tools, it shows error :

Network unreachable: Network unreachable

HTTP Error: 503
Note: My Google analytics works fine and webmaster tools verification successfully completed.
Note: When I use "fetch as google bot", it also dont fetches any of my pages.

My robots.tx file:


User-Agent: *
Allow: /
Disallow: /login
Disallow: /ask
Disallow: /forgot
Disallow: /register
Disallow: /questions?sort
Disallow: /admin

Sitemap: http://www.mywebsiteaddress.com/sitemap.xml

I have changed my htaccess, so that all non www urls will be redirected to www. urls.

Google fetches my homepage with "Success" rest all of the pages shows "error".

Q2A version: 1.5.4
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Hello, It started working after I used non www version of my website than www in Google webmasters tools, htaccess and wherever possible.
Now it is accepting the sitemap.xml and accessing all my pages.

Edit 28th december:
Again same problem occurs in the website. Not able to fetch or add sitemap.xml

Note: If I add a sitemap.xml generated using third party tool, then the sitemap is accepted, but not able to fetch any other posts/pages. I tried to add sitemap.php (from an older q2a plugin), which generates sitemap but it also not detected by Google Webmasters Tools.
I found it working after I select the 3rd option in admin>general option for permalinks. But Why can't I change the permalinks to the first one for better SEO?

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According to my findings. It is related to the htaccess file. But after putting the default htaccess, it didn't worked. So, I am using the 3rd option of permalink section of admin > general dashboard area. Now problem solved 90%. The remaining 10% may be I loose 1 SEO feature - neat URL permalink.
This question is coming in Google search in first page for my error, still there are no users to answer this for me. Good developer's community :(