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I had the XML-sitemap plugin but it did not work. Then I read that Q2A 1.3 and above has sitemap by the core. Then I removed the plugin, but still no sitemap. Google do not understand my site and I do not have sitemap to upload to google web developer admin panel.

My site looks like that in google. there is no description meta tag in my index.

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what shoul I do?

Q2A version: latest, downloaded 06-21-13

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Your Apache can access "xml" extension files? In Q2A, "xml-sitemap" plugin generates site map(URL: sitemap.xml). Did you confirm that your web server can access xml file definitely by making xml file with manual?

  1. Display XML here
  2. Copy source
  3. Create abc.xml (Non-BOM and UTF-8)
  4. Paste to abc.xml
  5. Upload abc.xml to your web root
  6. Access http://(your domain)/abc.xml
Yes, it access, now I pick that Up. I thought that we just needed to type site/sitemap. Did not know that we need to type the .xml extension.
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What I found was that in QA's case is that sitemap.xml  is a dynamic file. You will not find a physical file on your server. But the http://<server-address>/sitemap.xml url will work.
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I can still not manage how to create sitemap.xml file...İnto Admin dasboard I have " save " sitemap plugin...but it is not creating someting...

There is also no a manual button  where I can click " create sitemap "...

How users are creating sitemaps?
Sitemap is generated dynamically when it is requested. Therefore, there is no feature to make in advance. Try to access your http://site_url/sitemap.xml.