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I understand how Google will find my site. However, my core question was aside from having a site map, how will a SE such as Google find questions on my site that are no longer displayed?  I am not sure how to ask this any other way.


Thank you.
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Google only can find the sites which are linked internally, lets say, if You have Your questions list with paging at the bottom, To say it more simple: The google spider hits all buttons on Your page and indexes what he finds. Try it yourself by using the menue of this site here, under Questions You can get to any question once asked here (as long as the admin or some one didnt hide it). May be You was thinking that the only questions are these displayed under the All Activity tab ? No, these are just the last most active ones.

Google can follow all these links and so find Your pages.

Or what do You mean with pages which are not longer displayed ?
I think you are answering my question. I guess I don't have enough experience with this script. I understand that Google will follow the links. However, what I don't know is this: If I have 1,000 questions on my site, Google comes to my Q&A main page, as I understand it, that page can only display a maximum of 50 questions, correct? Okay, assuming this is so, will there be a link at the bottom to display the next 50 and so on?

Bottom line is how would Google get to the questions that are in the DB but have no activity, and therefor are not displayed?

Thanks again, I really appreciate your assistance.
Hit on this site the button QUESTIONS, go to the end and there You see the paging, You find all questions, 50 per page, google does the same...

78 pages full of questions.
Ah Ha! I see that, DOH! I should have looked before I asked. Sorry for putting you through this exercise. However,  it was much appreciated.  BTW, you do a great job on answering questions and helping out.
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No prob, the first time i saw the script, I as well didnt understand the excellent feature of the All Activity page and wondered why there are no links to other questions at the bottom...

Please feel free to ask what You want..and thanks fopr the comment, but not always my answers are correct, I just follow the spirit of the internet, someone helps me, I help others...


Have to correct me, in fact here is a link at the bottom of the All Activity page, just no paging as some one would expect...
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Aside from monk333's correct answer about the 'Questions' page, there are also other ways that Google will find all the questions by spidering - tag or category pages, user pages, and related questions from one question to the next. So most of your question pages should be pretty well connected together.
Yep and in turn, the most popular questions and good answers should be better linked from popular user pages, tag pages, etc.