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i blocked tags indexing, but google search show 404 error ..

if tags indexing google search show duplicate content ~

how can i do?

Which is less harmful?  duplicate content or 404 error
You "blocked tag indexing" how? Also, why? Just disallow the tags path in your robots.txt to inform Google what shouldn't be indexed.

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When it comes to SEO, both blocking tags from indexing and having 404 errors can have different impacts, and the context matters greatly.

Blocking tags from indexing is generally done to prevent search engines from indexing pages that might have duplicate content or are not valuable for searchers. It’s a proactive measure to guide search engines towards the content you want to be indexed and ranked.

On the other hand, 404 errors occur when a page cannot be found. They are not inherently harmful to SEO as they are a normal part of the web. However, if 404 errors affect important pages with traffic or backlinks, or if they result from poor website management, they can negatively impact SEO. It’s essential to fix 404 errors for pages that are supposed to exist. For pages that have been removed intentionally, it’s better to ensure they return a 410 status, which tells search engines the page is gone permanently.

In summary, neither is harmful if managed correctly. Blocking tags from indexing can be beneficial for SEO, and 404 errors should be monitored and fixed, especially if they’re unintended or affect important pages. It’s all about maintaining a clean, user-friendly site structure that search engines can understand and trust.