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Hi, I use an advance Theme, Markdown and Confirm master (addon)

I don't understand because users automatically get this box=> "Please click again to confirm" - and this only happend when users answering or commenting question with not enough caracters!  But minimum caracters are crucial for me.

The page does not reload, except if the user click to leave the page. Do you know where this bug come from?

Update : it seems that the problem come from "Confirm Master" addon (when asking a minimum of caracters), because I change everything (theme, advance theme, plugins, uptade Q2A, and I fixed every HTML error... with no succeed). That a shame because this plugin is really helpful. If Noah (confirm master creator) can have a look on it, it will really help.

Q2A version: 1.6.2
I have a similar problem! Gidgreen seems to say in the related question, that's it link to "form" but can't find where to add this?
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I don't understand, because it works fine with the "Ask question form", but not into a question page... help!
It may be difficult to get advice if you do not inform your site.
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Hi, my site is not ready yet, Iam developping in private for some reason. But it can be compare to snow theme. Nothing different from this website...
I try to reinstal everything, and I change the database with a old save, with no suceed... Help!

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The problem that gideon mentioned in the other thread was that there was a <form> tag in the content of a question or answer, which itself is inside a form when it's on the page (i.e. it ends up with nested form tags which is invalid HTML).

If your problem is not a form tag, perhaps check the other HTML in case there is something else wrong.
Indeed, and it will be fixed in Q2A 1.6.3.
Do you know when this Q2A 1.6.3.version will be release? Thanks
Look for some red text in the top right of this page :)
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Well unfortunatly the release did not resolve my problem. The problem come from a conflict between Q2A and Confirm master. If I delete confirm master, I don't have this error. Any idea?
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UP, any other answer? ...
troubleshooting steps:

utilize an in-broswer error reporting console (e.g. firebug) and monitor whether an error is raised when you click submit button (or "post" or whateverl the button is labeled on the webform)

revert to default theme and check whether the problem persists

temporarily disable Markdown (addon?) and check whether the problem persists

temporarily disable "Confirm master" (addon??) and check whether the problem persists

"The page does not reload"
^--- To me, this suggests a bug within the onclick handler of the "Confirm master" addon (which I've never used)
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-if I change my theme=> Error still here.
-if I update Q2A=> Error still here.
-if I use firebug=> No error detected
-if I disable Markdom=>Confirm master (addon) don't work.
-if I disable Confirm master=> Of course the problem disapear, because that the one creating this box (but this box should not appear at that moment).
-I had some html error in validator.w3c but I fixe everything=> same problem

=> Confirm master work perfecly on 'Ask form' but not on 'Questions pages'

Then it seems that the problem come from Confirm master, I am going to ask Noah advice, the plugin creator.