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Is there a way to use wysiwyg-editor at send private message?

Would be jus awosom if we could
Q2A version: 1.6.2
I now have that implemented in my q2a site forked to fit my own needs.

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This may not be basic solution. However, It seems to be able to come true by remodeling my plugin and a little core hack.

[Plugin] *-layer.php (Edit 2 place)

WYSIWYG Editor for admin OR CKEditor4 for admin

// if($this->template == 'admin') {
if($this->template == 'admin' || $this->template == 'message') {
// if (empty($firstrequest) || $firstrequest != 'admin') return;
if (empty($firstrequest) || ($firstrequest != 'admin' && $firstrequest != 'message')) return;

Plugin settings:

Add "message" to "Name list of TEXTAREA tag" option.

[Core] qa-include/qa-page-message.php (Edit 2 place)

// $messageid=qa_db_message_create($loginuserid, $toaccount['userid'], $inmessage, '', false);
$messageid=qa_db_message_create($loginuserid, $toaccount['userid'], $inmessage, 'html', false);
//'value' => qa_html(@$inmessage, $messagesent),
'value' => @$inmessage,

But security-like issue may remain... ?

Thank you Sama55, I will go home and test it and let you know.
- I am still concerned, why you think that would create security variability?
I confirmed that it worked by an upper change definitely. However, input texts are sanitized by qa_html() function. Unexpected code (HTML tag, javascript, etc) may be input by excluding this defense. I do not yet investigate program codes about this things.
That's great you tested it thanks.
You are right, unexpected codes (HTML tag, javascript, etc) could be an issue here