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One of my user had this request. I think it is a reasonable idea.

That way you can follow a question without participating. With the recent version you can only "follow" a question when you comment or answer, and even then you don't get all notifications (e.g. comment on question of user x).

Guess we need a plugin? or better core?
Q2A version: 1.6.2

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I've seen that in the Notification Pro plugin there is a "someone asked with following tag"



Maybe that option can do the trick....

On the Answer tab I can see also a "Someone answered following question" option

and on the Comment tab a "Someone commented on following question" option.

But I do not have the plugin installed so I cannot be sure of how it works in detail....

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Its very easy... just write a plugin using favorite event and throw email on event. Nothing so complicated. This I have mentioned somewhere before. Try to search...

for example..

if (event == 'q_favorite'){

$email_address = $param['email'];




Above is just an example for the logic and none of the functions are real. So please find the real functions and event from the developers page.