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Running into this issue http://question2answer.org/qa/22770/how-to-unsubscribe-email-notification-from-thread-question I thought why not give the user an option if s/he wants to get emails at all.

For now (v1.5.4) we have only the option to unsubscribe from "mass mailings" (in "My account" > "Subscribe to emails sent out to all users").

But I would love to see an option like "Inform me on new events by e-mail".

NOTE: I am using the history plugin of NoahY which gives notification bubble on top. That's handy for my users. Problem with email notifications: An active user (about 50 posts per day), gets about 50 - 100 emails per day!


Q2A version: 1.5.4

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Alright, I did it with a jquery workaround.

I added a page for user options, where users can change stuff ... which is made with jquery and setting cookies.

By the way, I am heavily using jquery to add features to my q2a installation...

You would use this jquery line to uncheck all checkboxes for notifications at once:


Hope that helps!


But of course, this is not a consistent solution. Better would be an option within the user database & php.