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I'm looking for a Q&A platform for users to ask questions to doctors.

Typical questions/answers platform allow the questions to be answered by anyone or a general group of people.

What I'm actually looking for is to allow the questions to be answered by a specific group of people.

For example, I need to be able to somehow categorize my users as skin specialists, heart specialists etc.

When a question about skin pigmentation is asked, the system should trigger an email notification to only the skin specialist to ask for their reply and only them can post a reply to the question.

Can this be done? If customization is required, how is the complexity like?


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Here are few setps may helps you.

Create the category structure for each specialist


  • Skin
  • orthopedic
  • psychologist
  • gynecologist
  • etc

Now ask your specialist to subscribe with respective category RSS Feeds. So when user will ask question they will get feed update email.

So skin specialist will subscribe to the Skin category feed and they will get all updates email.

This is the most easiest way and works fine without additional development.

Thanks for your help. How about using the Category Email Notifications plugin? (https://github.com/dunse/qa-category-email-notifications)

Any thoughts?
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We are really supporting Q2A site for doctors(include medical students). We ask a question in category. However, because our site is the place where doctors exchange medical information across the border of the specialized field, we don't divide users into the specific group. Because we will publish only high quality contents, registration check is very strict.


User profile is detailed in our site. Medical Institution, Specialized Skill, Real Name, etc. Your hope may be granted by utilizing user profiles effectively.


See my profile. In particular, useful plugins for you are below.

  • Category Followers Widget
  • Emptytag Cleaner
  • Extra Question Field
  • Extra Userfield [core hack]
  • Mass Mailing Pro
  • Notification Pro
  • Question Followers Widget
  • User Search Pro
Hi sama55, thanks for your reply. Can you share with me the Q2A site you are supporting for me to talk a look?