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There is a function in the Spam section of admin control panel called: 

Use moderation for users with few points:

So, all question and answers of users with less than a point will be moderated by admin. 

Is it possible that all questions of the users be moderated by admin in a situation that answers of the users that passes the specific point limit be released without moderation. 

In fact, users are NOT able to ask questions without admin approval but are able to answer questions without admin approval when reach a point limit. 


Q2A version: 1.7.4

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You can see below options, you should be able to moderate questions or answers....

Thanks for the response.

Yes, but activating this module will enable moderation for users below a limit. However, once they pass the limit, all of their questions and answers will be released without moderation.

I want their answer be released without moderation, but their questions be moderated all the time.

You can set a very high value for moderation. For example, 1 million points.
Sorry that I am not clear in my explanation.

This will activate moderation for both answers and questions.

I don't want moderation of answers after a certain point limit (e.g. 500), however, I do want moderation for all questions even for a user with 25000 points.
Thank you very much for the valuable post. I also looking for this.