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Which type of hosting is better to have to be able to install, manage, customize, tune and troubleshoot  Q2A ?

Shared hosting ?

Unmanaged VPS ?

Managed VPS ?

( something else ? )

Of course shared hosting is more cheap, but I'm not sure if I'll be able/free to do all the needed steps for a correct setup.

Eg: I need to install the GD library, but I do not have root access. And so on....

I'd like very much to have a managed VPS, but it's too expensive (or at least i've not found any cheap one)

Also an unmanaged VPS would be ok, but I cannot evaluate how much additional work I'll have to do (eg: do I need to setup my firewall ? I'd like to avoid it ...) and how many additional problems I will have (eg : tfor  sending emails from q2a, will I have an smtp service or do I have to install one by myself ? I'd prefer to avoid....)

What type of hosting/compromise do you think is better to have ?
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If you have only one domain and you don't have so much load and bandwidth usage than "Share Hosting" is the great option for startup. Even if you feel to upgrade in between, you can upgrade anytime. Most of the host provider allows you to upgrade in-between.

However make sure you choose right host provider otherwise you will pissed off speed and service. Many providers give low rate but than you stuck with speed and service. So go with any reputed providers. That may cost you few bucks more but you will have peace of mind.
Thanks. About the shared hosting provider : if my users are (for example) only australian users, is it better to buy a shared hosting from an australian provider (for performance reason) or can I buy it at any provider ? (Godaddy, Hostgator, BlueHost, and so on....).
Thanks again. About the hard disk space, how much do I have roughly to consider to start ? 10 GB ? 20 GB ? 50 GB ? 80 GB ?
Most of the host providers has unlimited package with shred hosting. So I don't think so you have to worry so much about the space if you are going for shared hosting. However space is depend on your database. Q2A core files doesn't occupy more than 5-10 mb
Hello dear, can you refer me to a specialist to carry out the vps server migration service from one hosting to another for a fee.  I hope so
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Even shared hosting can work. Iam using shared hosting but haven't got any problem with it
Ok, thanks. Generally speaking I have some "fears" about a hosting where you don't manage anything (except your web pages). I've found for example this post : http://www.question2answer.org/qa/17925/site-stopped-working-on-hostgator-404-errors
(the provider installed a new Apache version and the website stopped working)
I expect you can test your website before upgrading the middleware....
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Shared hostings don't allow full access to create database tables automatically by the Question2answer site. You have to create tables of your site on the localhost then export the .sql file. Import the files to the shared hosting Mysql Database and configure it with your website.
No, this is not the case. I am using shared hosting and have full control of sql execution.
Most likely it was meant to create a base. Although I see no reason to take hosting when the prices for VPS are 3-4 dollars.