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Notification Pro V1.10 ready!!

This is max powerful plugin that have real time inbox notification and asynchronous email. We strongly recomend to all Q2A professional users who want QA community like Facebook, Quora, Stack Overflow. Anyway, experience it in our site !!

Highlight of V1.10

  1. Support 10 events of Database Manager Pro (DMP).

Upgrading is not necessary for users who does not install DMP.

Screen shots, etc


Summary of Notification Pro:

Sample user's manual: Real manual is 67P.

Dev. statement and feature plan (Support 43 notification and 58 event):


1.6.x, 1.7 (2014/12/19 Updated)


NP is incompatible with DUDE (Completely compatible with FlexArmor1 / FlexArmor2). HTML email was supported in V1.2. In addition, you cannot use this plugin with other third party plugins to override same functions of Q2A core (remodeling is necessary).

Dev. history  (summary)

  • 2015/02 (V1.10): Suport 10 events of DMP plugin.
  • 2014/12 (V1.9): Support Q2A V1.7(SnowFlat theme)
  • 2014/09/27 (1.8.1): Bug fix (Email content of bounty event was raw HTML. Changed to splited text) 
  • 2014/08 (1.8): Add feature that not link CSS and JS files. This feature is for Minify of FlexArmor2. This change has nothing to do with users who does not use Minify of FlexArmor2.
  • 2014/06 (1.7): Support PTP plugin events.
  • 2014/05 (1.6): Add point notification feature and partial initialize feature
  • 2014/03 (1.5): Support FlexArmor1
  • 2014/11 (1.4): Support badge plugin, mention feature (Required enhanced badge plugin in ASKIVE)
  • 2013/11 (1.3): Support multipart HTML email and digest notification
  • 2013/10 (1.2): Support Infinite Ajax Scroll, and HTML email
  • 2013/09 (1.1): Program code is renewed totally (Support user permission)
  • 2013/07 (NP V1.0): First release as NP(Add Ajax Inbox notification feature)
  • 2013/06 (ENP V1.1): Second release of ENP V1.1
  • 2013/06 (ENP V1.0): First release of ENP V1.0

Best regards.

Q2A version: V1.6.x, 1.7

I have to create an account for your site and for each demo I want to see ?
Ok, I registered in all. Now I am waiting to be approved. After that I just have a couple of questions before I buy, so I will contact you there after I am approved.

Thank you.
I received a message from the webmaster, but I cant see it or reply in the site.

The website is not correct.
1- Because its required, even if I don't have one yet and I want to buy a theme, so adding local is not enough ?
2- Trying to change the URL for a test site I have live is not possible, because I have no permissions to change my own profile.

And there is no way to reply or tell something about this issue, I have to come here to reply that message ?

Let me know what to do.

I got it and approved you. Welcome!
P.S. If you hope to contact me personally, please use contact (feedback) form.
Thanks for understanding of all users in this forum.

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I'm looking translator other than Japanese and English. The person who translates plugin into language of your country is discounted 50% OFF. The applying person, please submit proof (PHP experience, translation results of other open source system, etc) that you can translate. If translator was selected, translation discount is ended. The object language is limited to language into page below.


Translate sentences : 140 phrases
Place to confirm: ASKIVE  (Our site supports multilingual)

[Current translator]
Kazakh : Translator was decided.
Russian: Translator was decided.
Indonesia: Translator was decided.

Do you still need Spanish translation for 50% discount?
I welcome people making effort. However, because this plugin was made for one year, language file is relatively big. Please prepare for it.
Since the file is very big, would you consider a 100% discount for all the work to translate it?
You still need translations?
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where can we download the plugin ? is it free ?

Thanks !
It is not free. Please identify reliability as the quality of parts made in Japan with your eyes.
Ok, how much does it cost ? where can we get it ?
Thank you Kai. The open site is splendid. Bottom is the reason why I close site.
1. I want to show that there is such use case.
2. I hope that also people who can't open information for various reason use Q2A (e.g. Elementary school, Hospital, Company, Conversation with close friends, etc).
3. Participant can talk about nervous topics such as security things.
4. I don't want to take care of spammer.
It would be nice to know whats offered and whats the price before I have to register, wait for the confirmation email, then confirm my email, then wait for approval...

So I am waiting for an approval to know the price of something I am interested in. Once approved maybe the price is $500 and I will not buy. Maybe not... I will have to wait who knows how long to discover that.

Whats the point of force to register ?
price is on his website $80.00, maybe you missed it... :)
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I like it a lot but extremly expensive ($80)....

I will understand $29 or $39 but $80 is extremly expensive and QA is a free script, go figure...
My hourly wage is 40US$. The development of NP takes around 2,000 hours. In other words the development cost of NP is 80,000US$. You can use this plugin with a little money to eat once at restaurant.
remember what I said...
You are using a open source script to be based on... :)
If you still do not get it, then keep up the good work...
It seems that you are miss understanding. Open source (GPL) is not equal with free source. If you develop anything, you may understand the effort and cost of developer. And, don't forget that we are releasing much plugin with free too.
I am not accusing you with anything, just saying price is too high...
This magnitude plugin should not be FREE at all, but not $80 dollars...

That's all...
Good luck... :)
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Hello! plug-in is compatible with Max Control theme?
If I can obtain that theme, I may confirm compatibility.
as you write on the email?
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From your manual:

"Anyway, please do not forget that this plugin was tested only in standard installation state of Q2A. If plugin don't work well, you have to use ASKIVE tech support service (Payment is necessary)."

Are you serious???
Yes, exactly. All Q2A addons (themes and plugins) have possibility that conflict with core and other addons. This is a limitation related to the mechanism of Q2A.
For example:
1) You have changed Q2A core source
2) Two plugins are overriding same core function.
This matter applies to all parts of Q2A. Other Q2A developers also would say the same thing with me. If there is a developer who guarantee of his parts perfect movement unconditionally, he is liar.
If such conflicts are possible, why aren't the overriden functions documented in the plugin documentation?
It has been described at the end of the manual as AppendixA.