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Feed Reader Pro V1.2 ready!!

This plugin analyzes feed data of external site. Analyzed data is rebuilt to HTML with template system. You can display feed in the favorite place with widget, page and Q2A layer. Because analyzed data is stored to the file or database with dual cache feature, you can display data very fast. This plugin will help users running blog with Q2A, and also display search results of social search engines (Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc) in question page by using category and tags dynamically. You will be able to control completely feed data without touching PHP.

Example in FlexArmor2 (Q2A [here] site feed)

Use case

Simple example (inline / table / block)

Media-RSS / Enclosure example (YouTube)

Media-RSS / Enclosure example (flicker)

Media-RSS / Enclosure example (instagram)

Summary of "Feed Reader Pro" 

User's manual (sample): Real manual is 35P.


1.6.x, 1.7 (2014/12/19 Updated)

Database cache: PDO (mysql) required)

Download (Free edition)

Difference between free and regular version
Feature Free Standard
Parser Exist Exist
Cache Single Dual (SimplePie + Contents)
Cache controller - Exist (File or Database, duration, etc)
Display speed 1 2 - 20 and more
Widget parts 1 Default=1, UI max=3, Prg.max=10, and more
Page parts 1 Default=1, UI max=3, Prg.max=10, and more
Profile parts - Exist
Permission controller - Exist
URL conversion - Exist
Template sets 2 6 and more
Template changer - Exist
Design(CSS) - Exist
Users manual - Exist (35P)
Support - Exist (in ASKIVE)
Cost Free Pay

You can confirm real movement in ASKIVE.

Update history

[V1.2] 2014/12/18 Support Q2A V1.7
[V1.1] 2014/08/29 (Limited in pro version)

  • Add feature that not link CSS and JS files. This feature is for Minify of FlexArmor2. This change has nothing to do with users who does not use Minify of FlexArmor2.
  • Fixed bug of simplepie

Best regards.

Q2A version: 1.6.x, 1.7

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This is a great Feed Reader plugin. I tired to use it for reading youtube search results ( with thumbnails) I couldnts. Can you provide us with some youtube samples please.

Thank you

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Hi Sam

Is this the latest version?
Yes. I do not update it.