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By curiosity, which of these tables (having 0 rows/entries) can be considered unnecessary?

I know that some were created by plugins, some are there be default:

qa_categories ← I am not using categories, that's why this is empty.

qa_categorymetas ← same

qa_messages ← I am not using PN that's why this is empty.

qa_postmetas ← what for?

qa_tagmetas ← what for?

qa_usermetas ← "Plugins etc... can use qa_usermetas for any meta information relating to users - see qa-db-metas.php." Clarified.

qa_usernotices ← what for?


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qa_postmetas is for custom field for question. (ask form) like WordPress metabox usually store into wp_options but here it store into qa_postmetas. ( See Admin > Posting )

qa_tagmetas and qa_usernotice I still needs to check in details and update my answer once get detailed. Meantime hope if someone give more details on these.

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I am also interested.

Since I am using category, many records exist.

Attribute informations on each category are saved on this table.
Example : Permission to Categories

Messages are saved as history only when admin->users->"Store and display private message history" is checked.

Attribute informations on each question are saved on this table.
Example : Extra Question Field

Probably, this will be same as qa_categorymetas. However, since tags increase automatically, management of attributes is required time and effort. I think that many needs cannot be found.

qa_usermetas and qa_usernotices:
I would also like to know detailed usage.

thanks for the hints