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What files will this replace?  I've made a new theme, made changes to qa-lang file, etc.  Wil this override my edits? I'd like to get the latest Q2A but I don't want it to delete all the changes I made.  thanks
Q2A version: 1.5.4
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If  you have created theme with Q2A standards than your changes will be there and nothing will be removed in most cases. Untill if Q2A add, modifiy or remove the function what you have override in your theme. In that case you may need to upgrade your theme accordingly.
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In order to lessen influence of upgrade if possible, I am customizing lang and theme by below method. 

Lang: I define phrase that I will change at qa-lang/custom folder(when use only one language).
Theme: I add new plugin for theme customization.
Note: Q2A core calls plugin after theme. Although it is not almighty, CSS and Layer of theme can be tuned by plugin. However, this method worsens Q2A performance a little.