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The language mapping files are one of the coolest things in Q2A IMO .. very useful for customizing sites in niche applications... 

Is it possible to move the qa-lang arrays to our custom theme folder and use them like our qa-theme.php?  .. otherwise the lang mappings are blown away every time we update ( I think).

in our case we need to protect:

  • qa-lang-main.php
  • qa-lang-question.php
  • qa-lang-users.php
  • qa-lang-options.php

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Just move them in qa-lang folder. All qa-lang-*.php files should be moved in qa-lang folder.
Makes sense.. will do !   (  but I'm guessing that some of the lang mappings change during a major version up level..  I wonder if there is some way to make those changes explicit .. ie comment them... just a thought... )  thnks..
You can check for not translated translations by visiting /qa-include/qa-check-lang.php (like here http://www.question2answer.org/qa/qa-include/qa-check-lang.php). It even gives whole lines to translate.