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That is their very purpose, after all... not having to set up the profile picture on every new site we register.
Right now this question is voted at -3. Would anyone care to comment and present their reasons to do so?
It's very confusing. Are you asking for an opinion whether it's better or do you want to know how to do that?
thanks Ronlaw, for the clarification. I am suggesting that the platform is set up to use gravatars by default (opt-out), rather than the current opt-in way in that sites using Q2A have to explicitly make that the default behavior. I phrased it as a question because this is a Q&A forum, and because there may be downsides to the suggestion that I'm unaware of.
I don't think so it is difficult to setup default avatar now. It is only one click and take a second to set.
You mean as a user or as a site owner? I asked this question because when I registered here on Q2A's own Q&A forum, I expected my avatar to be automatically filled, because in the past I had already taken the time to set up a gravatar precisely to avoid having to think about that every time I create a new account. I think it should be automatic (opt-out) rather than requiring action on the user and even on the site owner. The opt-in way should of course still be available. Using gravatars by default provides a seamless experience for users who do have gravatars, and no change in current behavior for those who don't, so it's a win-win configuration, as I see it.

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Yes. You can enable gravatar as default for new users. But not everyone do have gravatar.  If your users are supposed to be possesing gravater, you should enable it by default for new users.