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friends, when a new key is set if u k, how can assign random photos. Have to do it in the form of plug-ins? for example, the photos in the folder will be assigned to rastgl to 30 official users, and in this way it will not be hard to official website to look more beautiful.

Turkish : arkadaslar, yeni bir uye kaydi yapildigi zaman, rastgele resim nasil atayabiliriz. bunu eklenti seklinde yapabilecek varmi? ├Ârnegin, resim klasorundeki 30 resmi kullanicilara rastgle atayacak, bu sekilde sabit uye resmi olmayacak ve site daha guzel gorunecek.
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You can get this Unicorn plugin. Works preaty well


I am using 1.6.2 and it didnt do anything!