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Is possible to have the way to be not possible that anyone answer or comment or vote or flag to a question when this is closed by the admin or the creator?

Only a simple request to be reopened because someone think that is closed not correctly and has something to say for example or because someone has closed his question to not receive flag or downvotes.
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Up. there's someone that can help me?

I think that is not correct  that a closed feedback can be voted and commented
It doesn't exactly solve your problem but you can try hiding the question.
yes i know but if i hide no one will rwad the solutions and answers of the users so it is mot a solution

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In qa_page_q_post_rules(...) in qa-page-question-view.php, add the following to the conditions for $rules['commentbutton']=...

&& (!$rules['closed'])

That will prevent commenting on closed questions. Preventing voting is harder but can be done in qa_post_html_fields(...) in qa-app-format.php

ever tne best answer and solution.