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Hi everyone,

I am developping a new Q2A, and I would like to create only articles by me. That's mean using only Q2A to have posts, and I want to close them, so =>

=> How to automatically CLOSE questions? (as soon as the normal "post" or "page" is created

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Find the solution by putting closedbyid=100 in BDD, qa-post
Worked for me. Just had to make sure the id specified must point at a valid postid with type Note.
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Easy solution: go to Admin/Permissions and set 'posting answers' and 'posting comments' to admin-only. That way they are effectively closed to answers/comments from other users. (But then, you wouldn't need users on the site at all if they don't do anything.)

Harder solution: if you specifically want them closed, you can make an event plugin that checks for q_post then set the closed status.

thanks but I will edit the dabatase.