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Is is possible to disable down-votes? I'd like to enable just up-votes, sort of like the FB LIKE concept. So, basicaly, no thumbs-down option would be shown. Just a thumbs-up button.
Q2A version: 1.5

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You can set a separate permission for downvoting posts in the 'Permissions' tab of the 'Admin' panel.
Thanks. May I make a suggest for future core disable vote option? If admin disables voting on either Q or A, then the voting icons will not be displayed respectively. For example, if admin chooses to not allow voting on questions, then the up/down icons to the left of the questions would be rendered invisible. The div for the vote up/down would be completely removed from output, so that question titles would be the first thing on the left-hand side. For a Q&A use, this mainly applies to the Question voting options, but if Q2A is used for other purposes (blog sites, etc), then it might be useful to have the option to disable voting for Answers too.
This is already the case, no?
Sorry, I did not phrase that correctly. What I meant to say was: If voting for questions only on questions page is enabled by admin, then the vote icons should not be displayed on the lists. Either that, or if a user clicks on a vote up/down for questions in a list (where admin has disabled list voting) then it would redirect to the question page when clicked. For new users who don't understand that the titles are links to the actual question pages, this might increase the 'stickyness' of Q2A sites for unfamiliar users. Just a thought.
OK - I understand now. It might surprise people, but I'll think about it...
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gidgreen is right, but you can also remove the button via an advanced theme, or in CSS by setting

.qa-vote-down-button { display: none; }


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I implemented that in my theme - you could combine gidgreen's and Scott's ideas by setting the down-vote permission to admins only and altering the css.

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With all solutions provided, you still have HTML output that is not w3c valid ("Error: Duplicate attribute title"). 

<button title="Voting down is only available to some users" type="submit" class="qa-vote-second-button qa-vote-down-disabled" disabled="disabled" title=""></button>

To remove this, use an advanced theme (qa-theme.php) and this function: 

public function post_disabled_button($post, $element, $value, $class)

if (isset($post[$element]) && $element!='vote_down_tags')

$this->output('<input '.$post[$element].' type="submit" value="'.$value.'" class="'.$class.'-disabled" disabled="disabled"/> ');