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Seems like there are many good cases where site admins would not want to use a down-vote option. There should be a setting for vote button option, where we can make it an up-vote only. Up vote accomplishes the desired effect to promote the best content giving the site a more positive user vibe, and having down-vote button can distract users from just promoting the best answers. Down votes are negative and redundant. When we vote for political candidates for example you only have the option to vote for what you like. You don't vote for what you don't like.
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You're confusing "negative" and "bad." They're not the same thing. Negative feedback (from downvotes) does serve a purpose, because not only do we want to promote good content, we also want to discourage bad content.
I think you're misunderstanding my point. There may be some site models where down voting is beneficial, but sometimes depending on the type of demographic of users down-voting becomes a mind-set for the troll/negative types who would rather spend their energy down voting and leaving negative comments. So we'll have to agree to disagree. If all social media turned off comments and replies and only used "like" for users to promote content the state of affairs of our society would be improved overnight. This thread is a perfect example of what I mean. Thank you for proving my point.
For example, a study on the effects of down-voting was done...

source: https://medium.com/the-physics-arxiv-blog/data-mining-reveals-how-the-down-vote-leads-to-a-vicious-circle-of-negative-feedback-aad9d49da238

"The evidence is that a contributor who is down-voted produces lower quality content in future that is valued even less by others on the network. What’s more, people are more likely to down-vote others after they have been down voted themselves. The result is a vicious spiral of increasingly negative behaviour that is exactly the opposite of the intended effect."..."The results are something of an eye-opener. “We find that negative feedback leads to significant behavioural changes that are detrimental to the community,” say Cheng and co...

There are some good articles and info about the negative aspects of down-voting if anyone cares to learn more...

Why not increase the minimum points required to do a downvote?

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