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I would like to add that setting to the permissions panel.

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I'm afraid this is not an option and would require significant changes to the database structure. It would be very open to abuse.
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If it is leaving to stay only vote up button, then it will be all right. Bcause everybody with damaging interest will want to only push vote down button. Isnt it? Anyway in some cms it is allowed.
2rd way. If somebody wants to create plugin for anonymous voting, I suggest it must be with preventing abuse with email notification. For example. If someone anonymous cliks up voting bottom, then popping up field, there this anonymous user must enter email, then this user enter his email account end validate his voting.
I think with help of this code https://github.com/cyberbuff/Pulse-Lite ,feature can be implemented. I tried it without q2a works fine and safe, but have no idea how it can be used with q2a.