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Version 1.4.8

  • Notification phrase structure rearranged.
    Who/What - Where - Event. (Including Private Messages and Wall posts)
  • More targeted phrasing, depending on the type of post:
    [User] posted on your wall [Wall post preview].
    [Upvote] on your answer [Post].
    [Comment] on your question [Post].
    [User] sent you private message [Message preview].
  • Wall posts and Private Messages preview now show as part of an event, instead of a html  title  attribute like demonstrated above, or screenshot below.


I've added the translation for the included language files folder, but you can always tweak it to your likings. While the commit is still waiting to get accepted, you can download the plugin from my repository.

Download official - GitHub / on-site-notifications

My branch - My GitHub repository
Live Demo - Plugin Live Demo

Buy me a beer - PayPal.me

Realy nice. But this does  not work properly on mobile phone. Can you give me the old version bell system?
Hey @Farabi , The bell seems to be showing up correctly for me on mobile devices. Although I've noticed that the Notifications Container is getting cut off out of frame, so I recreated the same behavior as in my theme 'Polaris' and made the container fill up the entire screen for mobile devices. (check newest commit)

PS: You might want to also check version 1.4.6 , and scroll down to the SnowFlat theme adaptation part, that might be the reason why the bell is misplaced.

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thank you gold developer for this plugin, what's normally like this. => [Upvote] on your answer [Post]. ,[Comment] on your question [Post]. ,

How can I do it this way? =>  on your answer [Upvote] [Post]. ,on your question [Comment] [Post].
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Open file: q2apro-onsitenotifications-page.php
Line: 399

Update it to this:
$eventName = $eventTypeText . '<b>'.$eventName.'</b> ';
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I have tried this plugin on Mayro theme and it leaves a big white space between the header menu and page content, on all pages.

How can I correct that?
That white space is from the ".qa-nav-user" . You could fix the white space by forcing the "position: fixed;" on line
But there's a lot more stuff you need to go through in order to make the bell show up correctly.

The TopBar structure needs to be corrected. The 'User Avatar' and 'Color Switch icon' should not be attributed as fixed positioned, the TopBar should be divided into sections, structure wise (check link below) and so on...

You can either contact the developer, or try to fix it yourself by studying how the bell is outputted on SnowFlat theme, and check the SnowFlat adaptation I explained on the link below: