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Hello dear administrators and users. I am using the latest version of q2a Q2A 1.8.8. When I want to use the On Site Notification Plugin in Turkish, there are meaningless sentences, so I want to change the spelling order. The codes are written below. How can I make this order?

orginal and full code: https://github.com/MominRaza/q2apro-on-site-notifications/blob/master/q2apro-onsitenotifications-page.php line:269-271 

the code I want to change:  $eventHtml = $type === 'q2apro_osn_plugin'

? $event['event_text']

: $eventName . ' <a ' . ($type == 'u_message' || $type == 'u_wall_post' ? 'title="' . $event['message'] . '" ' : '') . 'href="' . $activity_url . '"' . (qa_opt('q2apro_onsitenotifications_newwindow') ? ' target="_blank"' : '') . '>' . htmlentities($linkTitle) . '</a>';

output:  on site notification

what I want, for example:  mynotification1

first (1st)sunshine (username will be clickable like in the picture) then (2nd)private message from, and finally (3rd)you received 

Thank you very much in advance to those who can help.

Q2A version: Q2A 1.8.8

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