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Issue: Questions which have answers return a 500 internal server error for not logged in users. When i move website to another server to upgrade from 7.4 to 8.1 php and this will happen.

My traffic dropped please give me a solution.

All questions without answers are running fine, I have selected pretty URLS (site.com/1/question) while everything else stays same.

NoteSite was working all fine for logged in user?

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Error 500 means that there is a problem on the server-side. You should be able to find further information about the error in your web server logs. Without that information it's near impossible to debug the issue.

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Problem Solved.... By Disabling Captcha Plugin Under Admin Menu?

My site was down lasted for two days, I am not aware of it, but when i check adsense earning, i check the website and found that website is not publically accessible.

If disabling the captcha module resolves the issue, then there seems to be a problem with the captcha module or its configuration. Again, further information should be recorded in your web server logs.