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I just installed q2a on my web server. (version 1.6.3)

There's no questions written (it's totally initial state right after installation)


It had worked with no problem until I installed Badge plugin.

But Internal Error - 500 occurs if I activate Badge plugin.


Once it occurs, there's no page available.

It comes back after deleting Badge plugin folder. (But if I recover badge plugin folder, it occurs error again)

So, I deleted badge related data from qa_option table. And I dropped qa_achievements table (It doesn't how errors even if I recover badge plugin folder)


But, I really want to activate Badge plugin. How can I solve this problem?
Q2A version: 1.6.3
Error 500 is just an internal server error. What is the exact error? Check the logs

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It was my question.

I figured out what was the problem.

I changed .htaccess file to show php error information. It saids that I need 'php5-calender' installed.

So I did it. it solved.