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I'm running q2a script on my site at https://quesoo.com since 4 months.. And I'm putting rich content on it with proper seo practices and standards using ultimate seo plugin as well.. But. Google, bing, duckduckgo search engines never indexed evwn single page of my site except homepage..

I tried posting questions here but no amswers.. No support and i tried all the solutions but failed.. Not even a single page was indexed...

Now I'm finally asking everybody that how can i index my sites pages?? Please guide
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How do you know the posts don't get indexed? How did you verify? How is your site configured? Your question has no information that anyone could use to even begin guessing at what the problem might be (or if there even is a problem in the first place). Did you check the related questions? Specifically this answer to the very first related question: https://www.question2answer.org/qa/12970/its-the-second-time-im-asking-this-q2a-just-doesnt-get-indexed?show=13149#a13149

Y'know, we are willing to help, but none of us are psychic, and none of us sit in front of your computer, so you need to help us help you.
Sorry for inconvenience.
Infact i checked it as site:quesoo.com at google and bing..
Except homepage not even single question got indexed in google and bing..
You seem to be under the impression that just because a page gets indexed by Google it would also automatically get a high ranking in search results. That is not the case. And only Google could tell you how their ranking of indexed pages works. Nobody here has insight on the inner workings of Google's algorithm, at least AFAIK.
There is nothing to do with q2a script. Content on your site sucks - this is the real reason.

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