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Hey, Q2A Team...

I have installed this script and write around hundred post on my website.

But, My all post ranked in Google with categories and tags. While I installed this SEO meta plugin on my website and marked no-index categories and tags. but problem is not solved yet.

Please guide me how to solve this problem.

Q2A version: 1.8.5
Why you don't want to index it?
It's not working. Give me any other better idea.
I think you have not proper knowledge about SEO. Because, If you have, you don't ask me "why you don't want to index categories and tags".
So, giving any answer, collect proper knowledge Mr Zeeshan.
rebot.txt only tell google what should not index , it can not tell goolge to remove indexed url

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i think that cant be undone on google as zhao said, unless you request manual removal.

for the future you can type on the table in the database a value that dont exist as parent id of category. that leads for the category not appears listed on the site.