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Here  is what I thing needs to be done to help with spam registers, The problems lays with in to two things

one the email and 2 when you create the custom register the options are two limited, Here is what I think needs to be done

one there needs to be a verify  email that a lot of company's used where a email is sent first and must be verified if the email is not verified with in 24 hours the account is automatically deleted, Next something should be sit up so only certain emails can be used that are verified email company's such as gmail hotmail outlook.

In the custom register section you should have the option  drop down boxs or questions and also have a upload feature these options should have the option to be made mandatory I believe these will help with the spam bots

Q2A version: 1.7.4
you should search this forum before asking a question , you can use this plugin  

I went to the link and down loaded the source code and tried it appears to be uncomplicated  with what I use also I can not search for something I know nothing about ...

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As somebody else already mentioned, you can use my plugin Registration Blocker to restrict what domains or e-mail addresses can be used for registration, or what usernames can(not) be registered. Domains (and only domains) can be either blacklisted or whitelisted. I don't agree that whitelisting only particular domains will help much with blocking spammers, though. A lot of the registration attempts on my own site are with GMail, Yahoo or 1&1 (mail.com) addresses. Whitelisting will just block a lot of legitimate users. IMHO, YMMV.

As for verification and cleanup, you can require newly registered accounts to confirm their registration (see the first two options under Administration center → Spam), and you can use my suggestion from here for removing unconfirmed accounts after a set period of time.

as I said above I tried it and it did not work on  the  version iam running when I went to click on the plugin button it crashed ether that or I down loaded the wrong thing I down loaded  i  currently checking out the latest version of q2a on a test site
You didn't say anything about it not working in your question or your previous comment.
Anyway, the plugin should work with 1.7.x versions too, although I didn't specifically test that, but upgrading Q2A to the latest version is practically always recommended. Not much else I can tell you without more information about the actual error you encountered (i.e. a more detailed error description, preferably with logs).
The error I get  is The questionsrus.com page isn’t working

questionsrus.com is currently unable to handle this request.


I also get it when I click on admin  the folder I uploaded  into the plugin folder was called  q2a-registration-blocker-1.6.0 when I delete it everything works fine the version of q2a   iam using is 1.7.4
i am usinng version 8.6 and plugin by ansgar is working for me
HTTP status code 500 is little more than a symptom (its purpose is mainly to indicate to users that there is an issue on the server side, not with their client). Please check your webserver logs for more information about the actual cause of the error.
Also, I tested my plugin with a vanilla install of Q2A 1.7.4 and it works just fine. For further troubleshooting please a) check your webserver logs (as mentioned above) and b) remove or temporarily disable all non-default plugins in your Q2A setup.
please check your private message
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I'm using AntiBot Captcha plugin with the latest q2a version.

it is working very well and has almost stopped spam registrations using bots. (I had 1000 to 2000 bots registrations each day!)

Just install it go to plugin settings increase the "Symbol count" to more than 6 and add some letters to "Character Set". (Characters are case sensitive)

Here is the link: https://github.com/pupi1985/q2a-kk-abc