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I am using FastComet as a hosting provider and sometime back then started using SpamExperts to check emails going form their servers. After their implementation of SpamExperts I had to use SMTP and after that all my emails stopped going from my website. Recently, I got time to check around everything and did some research that how I can make my emails pass spam checks. Because right now my emails are being considered as spam. Although when I checked in various "Email testers" then the content is found to be spam free but, as soon as I added unsubscribe link then it showed email as spam. 

So I finally, tested email from my hosting and sent an email both with and without using Unsubscribe link in them. And there it is, the email without the link reached to be just fine but the email with the link again stopped because of spam. 

Is there a workaround for this? I also want to know how to add my address to email to make it more legit. 

Note: In the above text, I am talking about mass emailing from Q2A. But, all my emails are stopped (even new member verification emails are stopped) so it's a dire situation right now and I need a fix for this. 

Q2A version: 1.8.1
That’s strange, surely it would be the opposite? How are legit emails supposed to be sent out without an unsubscribe link? I’m pretty sure it’s a legal requirement...
I think the spam filters consider those long open links as spam. Maybe showing those as hypertext or in a button form would be better. Moreover, a way to add the sender's address which could show at the bottom in small size text would be better as well.
Finally, if we add a link to any of our questions then that also goes open. So a way to add links as hypertext in emails would be really great.
Have you tried using a text link (ie using HTML) in your email checker?
@Gurjyot Singh, discuss with hosting provider, they may suggest something.
I apologise for my late reply on this. After this question and a few suggestions by you guys I checked some more places and got to know that error log file of my website got quite big (1.3GB big) and maybe because of that or some other reason, the emails were not going. I checked it for any latest issues but the issues stopped collecting a week ago (same time when I update to Q2A 1.8.1) so I thought the issues are solved and I deleted the file. After that, the emails are going again just fine. So thank you so much, everyone, for giving your time in this.

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