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 There is a problem I have encountered on my site, which is (Q2A) as there are several WordPress sites that steal many questions from my site and put them on their site, and they often use WordPress plugins on their sites that help them steal questions automatically, I canceled the feed/rss page, but the problem still exists. What is the solution please? Is there an plugin or step that I can do to prevent any site from stealing the content of my site?
Q2A version: How can I prevent content theft from my site?
Short answer: you can't, unless you make your site private (i.e. accessible to registered/confirmed users only).

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You can try to use some plugin that generates pictures with text questions and answers. In the description of the picture - in alt write your text again. Search engines will see the text but changing the format may not satisfy those who steal your content. In addition, the picture can point to your site as the source.

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you can use DMCA badge, show them the warning explicitly
you can also file a take down notice against theft
do you really think , preventing content theft that easy ?